How the Coalition Can Help DEAs

DEAs across Nunavut have been asking how the Coalition can help them. The Coaliton of Nunavut DEAs is a non-government organization that receives funding from various sources, including member DEAs. It represents the third voice in education - the voice of parents - along side the other two voices, the Minister, and the educators who are represented by the Nunavut Teachers Association. In April 2006 the Coalition plans on establishing a part-time office in Iqaluit to serve DEAs.  Once this office is up and running, DEAs will be hearing more from the Coalition. Here are some of the things that the Coalition will be working on:

  • Establishing a website to post current information of interest to DEAs.
  • Developing a quarterly newsletter for DEAs.
  • Soliciting DEA opinions on aspects of the new Education legislation so that it reflects the voice of parents.
  • Developing DEA point of view policy papers for issues on education in our schools.
  • Identifying training needs for DEAs.
  • Establishing partnerships with other school based parent organizations.
  • Coordinating a library of information to help DEAs do their job better.
  • Responding to requests from DEAs for information on education issues.
  • Establishing a database of DEA and parent contacts.
  • Contacting MLAs so that they know and understand the parents point of view on education matters.
  • Assisting DEAs in strengthening their organization.